Fish or Fowl?

Tessellate.  I woke up to that word running through my thoughts.  Really?  Tessellate?  Images of M.C. Escher’s work floated through my consciousness (or subconsciousness) as I pondered the meaning of the word.  “What are You trying to say to me Lord?”  So, before I began my daily journal entry, I went to the dictionary.  No help. […]

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Finding Your Way

There is was!  Smack in the middle of the workshop I was teaching.  We were talking about tag lines. For weeks, I had been struggling to find the right words to express what the Lord had spoken to me when He asked me to shepherd His army of artistic warriors.  “I help artists to…”  I started.  An […]

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God’s Multiplication Table

There it is!  In the midst of a conversation with friend, a word of confirmation.  You hear the same words, phrase, or picture that you have experienced in your quiet time with the Lord.  You hear it, not quite believing God is confirming that BIG thing He has asked of you. Your heart starts pumping, […]

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