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Meet Deborah Gall

Deborah loves to travel, read, drink espresso, and marvel at God’s handiwork as the sun sets. When Deborah is not in her studio you will most likely find her cooking and baking, doing cardio-dance workouts, or enjoying her sons and their families. Deborah and husband Rick live in Lebanon, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville).

Artist | Author | Speaker | Coach

Deborah Gall is dedicated to helping others find their way to living fully in who God created them to be and do what He created them to do.

In 1995 the Lord took Deborah by the hand to recover her identity as an artist. Through the process He showed her that He had created her to change the world In her unique identity as an artist, author, speaker, and coach. 

“My life was transformed when God showed me He had created me for and with a purpose and there was so much more out there for me. It is my heart’s desire to share that life changing experience with as many people as I can.”


God showed Deborah that He wanted to use her visual art to draw people to Him. He revealed that as God’s masterpieces we each have the unique ability to be the gateway for others to encounter God. 

“We change the world by affecting change in the world that surrounds us.” Deborah Gall

In 2004 Abide Studio opened as a retail studio gallery in The Factory at Franklin (Tennessee). It was there that the Lord birthed a marketplace ministry where people would come for art and art lessons and/or for prayer, encouragement, and counsel. To this day, Deborah loves to help others find their way to who God created them to be and to discover what He created them to do. 

God is true to His word. He uses Deborah’s art to speak to the hearts, minds, and spirits of those who view her paintings.


Deborah early books—published through in 2008—combine her artistic paintings with poetry and devotions taken from her first blog, Heartbeat of God. The Color of Embrace is a coffee table style book which highlights Deborah’s prophetic paintings and poetry that tells the story of the painting.

In 2014 the Lord told Deborah to write a book based on the conferences that she had hosted and developed. Created For So Much More was written during a 2 week retreat in 2015. It was published in 2017. In the midst of the 2020 worldwide pandemic, Holy Spirit took Deborah back to the computer to write the second book in the Created For So Much More series. A Guided Journal to Soaring With God was published in 2021. It combines the truths from Created For So Much More with Deborah’s art which is featured in each chapter.

Through the writing and pubishing of the journal, God stretched Deborah by asking her to step out of the boat—to prophetically walk on water—to record and publish videos that align with each chapter of Created For So Much More.


Deborah has been a professional speaker throughout her career as artist and teacher. She has spoken to groups large and small on a wide range of subjects since the 1980s. 

God continues to stretch Deborah and show her the so much more that He has for her and His children. In addition to one-on-one coaching and speaking at live events, Deborah hosts online groups of all sizes. She leads online studies of her book, online  workshops and retreats, and offers a monthly online teaching titled Soaring Into So Much More. 


Deborah’s unique approach as a personal life coach and as a speaker is her combination of spiritual truth with practical application. As a business owner for over three decades, Deborah brings her real world expertise wherever she goes. 

“It’s never about “Here’s a geat teaching or lesson”. It’s all about how to apply the truth of the Bible to your daily life to move you forward in the adventure the Lord has for you.”  Deborah Gall


In 2013, Deborah became a department of Artists in Christian Testimony, International under the name Abide Studio. This formalized the ministry that the Lord birthed in the marketpace, giving Abide Studio nonprofit status.

In 2014 the retail location was closed and the ministry moved to Deborah’s home studio. Although Abide Studio is no longer in a retail location, God directed Deborah to keep the name as her ministry because He continues to create so much more in and through her. In her home studio you will find Deborah painting, writing, hosting online groups, and recording video teaching, coaching, and so much more.