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SELF CONTROL: The Fruit Nobody Wants to Eat

This three part series will have you soaring into so much more of this challenging fruit of the Spirit. Learn the Biblical perspective of self-control, what it looks like in daily life, and how you can grow this fruit and so much more!

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Part One

In this introductory video, Deborah lays the foundation for a deep dive into self control. She defines self control, gives Biblical references that paint a clear understanding of it, and shares benefits of operating in this fruit of the Spirit. Self control can be yours as you follow Deborah’s teaching on this fruit no one wants to eat. 

Part Two

In this video Deborah explores the day to day application of self control. She answers the question of why no one wants to eat this fruit of the Spirit, offers several scenarios that reflect a lack of self control, shares a family favorite reminder for using self control, and suggests how you can stay in the sweet spot of your identity and purpose. 

Part Three

In this concluding video of the series, Deborah offers several habits that exhibit self-control as well as the all important list of ways that you can nurture and grow this important fruit of the Spirit. Unlock untold blessings by embracing and practicing Deborah’s suggestions to grow this fruit of the Spirit.