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Video Teachings

Are you looking to go deeper with God? Do you want even more? These video teachings are based on the monthly gatherings of fellow travelers who hunger and thirst for more of God and their God-given identity and purpose.

Each lesson is presented with a follow along handout which ends with an exercise for you to apply the truths that are taught.

Ancient Paths

As you walk the path of discovering and living as who God created you to be doing what He created you to do, you travel a pilgrimage generations have trod. This video teaching series explores the scriptural basis for these ancient paths, what makes up the cobblestones in your individual path. Finally I will offer practical suggestions to develop godly “cobblestones” that will keep you on your God-given path of identity and purpose.

Empower Your Dreams

This is a recording of a live workshop (recorded on Zoom) for the 2021 Nashville Gathering of Artists in Christian Testimony, International. Deborah shares three reasons why you may be stalled in your pursuit of your dream and how to overcome each one. She also shares the one word that fuels your life and will tear down the mountains that stand in the way of your vision.

Holy Discontentment

Although this term seems to be an oxymoron, I consider it to be an apt description for seasons when God is up to something.

I invite you to download the pdf and watch this video teaching about how discontentment can be holy.


Mindfulness is the act of recognizing and shaping thoughts, words, and actions in order to live purposefully as who God created you to be. Watch this series to discover your Holy Trinity, the scriptural basis for this transformative concept, and tips to activate and empower your godly mindfulness.


This three part series will have you soaring into so much more of this challenging fruit of the Spirit. Learn the Biblical perspective of self-control, what it looks like in daily life, and how you can grow this fruit and so much more!

Throw Down Your Cloak

Before you watch the video I recommend that you download and print the handout. At the end you will find an exercise that will help to integrate the teaching into your daily life. I admit I failed to mention it in the video.