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You Are

  • Deborah 

Yesterday I wrote how God is any and all that you need in your life today. God is all sufficient. That means that whatever you have need of, you will find in God. 

You were made in God’s image. Now, that doesn’t mean that you possess all that anyone needs. It does however mean that whatever you have need of to fulfill the purpose for which you were created, is available to you. God put it in you.

God is. You are. 

You are all that He created you to be. 

You are the exact person God needs you to be. You are complete with the personality, talents, vocation, family, etc. that you need in order to fulfill your destiny. 

Even your past is a critical part of your future. God uses and reuses lessons we learn as we go through trials and challenges. He will encourage and teach others through you and your past experiences. 

God is who He says He is. 

You are who He says you are. 

Hallelujah! No two alike. Each created for a different purpose. 

Embrace who God created you to be.