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What do You do When God Shows Up?


Personal Ministry at Fall Gathering

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Matthew 6:10

Jesus taught his disciples to pray for the Kingdom of Heaven to come.  This is not a some day word, but a daily cry for the dominion of Heaven to manifest itself over the dominion of this earth.  But what do we do when God shows up and even shows off?

Ten days ago, a group of twenty people gathered to explore and be activated in God’s Divine Nature.  During the course of the weekend, destinies were revealed and confirmed, lies were uncovered and replaced with Truth and so much more….

Papa showed off as He revealed His love for His children, even taking some back to their birth to show them how heaven celebrated that day.  His sweet fragrance was smelled and recognized wafting through the sanctuary and my living room.

Jesus showed up and walked among us.  His manifest presence was seen as several of us experienced gold dust on our clothing and skin.  One of the best explanations I heard came from a participant  “Jesus walking along the streets that are made of gold in Heaven and then visiting us in Franklin, TN.  As angels worship Him with us, they stirred up the dust that accumulated on His robes and it fell on those present in the natural.”  I love that picture.

Holy Spirit visited us as a gust of wind and through new and expanded prayer languages as well as the infilling of Himself into His children.  Baptized thus, people’s lives were forever changed.

How do you react when you hear testimonies like these?  Through out Scripture those who encounter the supernatural presence of angels or of God Himself are often told “Fear Not”.  It seems that man’s first reaction is to be fearful.  Aren’t skepticism and doubt simply fear with a different face?

Yet, God IS supernatural and He created man in HIS image.  We carry God’s supernatural DNA in us.  We were born to walk out His kingdom while living here on earth.  Jesus said greater things would we do.

Come Lord Jesus!