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Red Flags

  • Deborah 

The online study of Created For So Much More this week led me to going deeper in the subject of self-limiting beliefs that arise from the thoughts and thought patterns we carry around in our heads. 

Over the course of the next few days, I will share a list of my top ten “Red Flag Words and Phrases.” Today, let me explain why I chose to call them Red Flag Words and Phrases. 

In any automobile race, be it Indy car, Nascar, or Formula One, the red flag signifies stoppage of the race. When the red flag is waved, all race cars come to a halt and wait for the race to restart. 

I believe that if we wave a red flag with the common limiting and toxic words, we will halt the strategy of the enemy to keep us grounded. We then can restart the process of soaring with God in our identity and purpose. 

My top ten list of Red Flag Words and Phrases includes words like “always,” “never,” “can’t,” “won’t,’ and so much more. 

My purpose for this blog post  is to sensitize you to these words so that you STOP when you find yourself speaking or hearing them. 

When you hear “Bad things always happen to me.” 

  • STOP!  
  • Recognize the negative self talk as a lie. 
  • Rephrase and replace the statement with God’s truth. Speak something on the order of, “Sometimes bad things do happen to me, but I am an overcomer and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

When you are hear, “He always treats me poorly.” 

  • STOP!
  • Ask yourself if you are being triggered by a past experience. 
  • Ask the Lord to show you if there is a need to forgive the “He” you are referring to. 
  • Go through the forgiveness steps I shared in a the blog post titled “Five Rs: Recognize” 

Over the next few days, I will share my Top Ten Red Flag Words and Phrases. 

Meanwhile, why don’t you listen for some of your own and make a note of them?