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Live Creatively

  • Deborah 

This morning, it came to my attention that this is national “live creative” day. Aside from the poor grammar, I think this is a terrific idea to embrace.

I often hear from people who don’t think they are creative enough to even attempt my Painting as Worship workshop. The paintings they create when they sit with Holy Spirit are amazing in that they are painted from the heart and offer a message.

God is Creator. You are made in His image. Therefore you have creatitivity in your spiritual DNA. You might not be an artist, but I believe if we talk long enough I would find some aspect of your life that you are living creatively.

Today is the day to celebrate your creativity and live it to the fullest.

Are you a wordsmith? Do you love to cook or bake? Do you doodle? Perhaps you like to dress in an unusual way or wear a quirky hairstyle. Just problem solving in a new way shows creativity.

Go ahead. Express yourself and live creatively.

Celebrate that aspect of God’s image that lives within you…creatively.