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It’s a New Day

abstract mountain painting in terra cotta and green

“Moving On”, 16×16, original available

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Every day is a new day. Every day brings a new sunrise, sunset, and 24 hours until the next day. Every day brings new opportunities, challenges, and choices. But some days feel newer than others don’t they? There are days that feel as my grandmother used to say “God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world.” and there are days that arrive bathed in sunshine but feel like should be cloudy and stormy for all that we face: illness, grief, what seems like insurmountable obstacles, relationship chasms, to just name a few.

Over the past year and a half I have had my share of both kinds of days and faced all of the above clouds and storms as well as wilderness times when God seemed silent. It was about a year and a half ago that God gave me a vision of the difference between walking and running into our destiny. As I walked down the hallway in the vision, doors to either side opened and I was greeted by any number of people and situations. As I consider the past year and half I realize I have definitely been in a walking season.

Walking seasons can be frustrating and downright discouraging until we stop to give God the glory for His timing in our lives. Even now, as I think about the distance between where I hoped to be today and where I thought I’d be, I see God’s hand in all that has occurred. Walking seasons allow us to experience Promised Land moments in the midst of Wilderness Seasons. That is the mercy and faithfulness of God. For me that means that in the same year my father went to heaven, my first grandchild greeted the world. When speaking engagements seemed to wane, I was able to finish and publish the book based on all of my speaking/teaching. As my list of personal clients dwindled, I was available to attend to my grieving mother. Promised Land moments in the middle of the Wilderness.

That’s the wonder of God and the push/pull of our faith isn’t it? Any season we are walking through with the Lord is always so much more than what it looks like on the surface. He walks with us every step we take. His love and mercy knows no bounds and He gently and tenderly guides, encourages, and surprises us as we walk with Him. That’s the beauty of walking and wilderness seasons. We are given an opportunity to see and experience new facets of God new day by new day.

This is a new day for me and Abide Studio. The book is almost ready to share with the world. With that, the Lord has given me new clarity of the message and mission that He has entrusted with me. He has faithfully showed the steps ahead as I continue to walk His pace, measuring my stride to His, and letting Him point the way. I am indeed “Moving On”! Hallelujah!