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From the Easel: Kingdom Come

  • Deborah 

Created For So Much More Chapter 8β€”Created For So Much More UNDERSTANDING: Determining Your Timetableβ€”is all about taking your God-given dream and putting it into actionable steps. Whenever you look at a big audacious dream and break it down into today’s steps, you bring Heaven’s plan into your daily life.

God has a path for you to realize and manifest His purpose in your life. When you take the steps He asks of you today, you bring God’s Kingdom into the world. That is the reason I selected this triptych painting to represent this chapter.

I named this piece Kingdom Come because for me it embodies our path of destiny which brings the Heavenly realm to the earthly realm. The contrast of the warm pinks and golds on the top with the earthy browns and greens emphasizes the difference between Heaven and Earth.

I used several different mediums in this piece. The path itself is molded with Golden’s Light Molding Paste which is what I use for my angels. It is a light paste that brings a great three dimensional aspect to any painting. Other mediums include crystal looking sparkles {Golden’s Pearl Mica Flake (small) and gold flecks Gold Mica Flake (large)} that can be seen in the top part of the painting.

This triptych was painted to be a part of our personal collection. Today it hangs in the entry hallway as I walk from the garage into the house. It serves as a constant reminder to take the step given me today. As I/we follow the steps laid out by the Lord we usher His Kingdom into our sphere of influence. God’s Kingdom comes to the Earth.