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Four Aspects of You

  • Deborah 

Four Aspects of You

In the past I have written and talked about your personal holy trinity: your mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, I have lumped your emotions (or your heart) with the mind. Recently as I have sat with the Lord and have studied more about the mind, He has shown me that health is related to quadrants or four parts of our identity. 

Your mind is the source of your thoughts. When we say we need to take thoughts captive, we use our mind to reframe ideas and memories.

Your body is your physical identity. It is that which you can see in the mirror. All too often we separate our bodies from our identities. You are your body in the same way that you are your mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Your spirit is where your identity in Christ and your relationship with God resides. You are a spiritual being that is manifested here on Earth as a physical being. 

My point here is to identify your emotions—your heart—as separate from your mind, your body, or your spirit. My point is that your emotions—how you feel—are separate from how you think or how you look or how you relate to God. 

Why does it matter? As we consider our level of optimum health we need to consider all four aspects of who we are. 

My son, give attention to my words;

Incline your ear to my sayings.

Do not let them depart from your sight;

Keep them in the midst of your heart.

For they are life to those who find them

And health to all their body. Proverbs 4:20-22

Today, I simply ask you to ponder this notion with the Lord. Ask Him to show you the four aspects of who He created you to be. You are a beautiful flower in God’s garden. One flower, four petals. Hallelujah!