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Change is Coming

  • Deborah 

In follow up with the Lord about changes for the second half of the year, I want to tell you the first round of change will deal with this blog. 

As of July 1 I will cancel my subscription service. There have been issues with the service and in light of future content distribution, it will no longer be needed. 

From July on I will be delivering short content to my accounts on Facebook and Instagram. 

You can continue to receive this content by following my ministry page on Facebook at Deborah Gall Art. 

Or you can follow me on Instagram @DeborahGallArt

The content to both platforms will be the same. 

I will continue to write my weekly email devotional that is delivered on Fridays. If you do not already subscribe, you can fill in the pop-up form to be added to my Constant Contact list. 

I will be taking a sabbatical in July which means social media posts and the newsletter will be the sum total of content. 

I anticipate that when I finish the month of July I will add long content options in the forms of a Tuesday blog, podcast and/or video. 

I encourage you to check out and subscribe to my You Tube channel in anticipation of more videos and live feed posts. 

You can find my YouTube channel @DeborahGall3115

Link to Facebook

Link to Instagram

Link to You Tube

I am excited about the new season for Abide Studio and the work the Lord has for me. Meanwhile, I will continue to post blogs here over the next 10 days as we close out the first half of the year.