What Does Humility Look Like?


The CS Lewis’ quote, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less” has come to me from many and varied places over the last few weeks. I even used it in Part 3 of the blog post written about Micah 6:8 about the phrase, “Walk humbly with your God.” 

When something like this happens, I know it is time to sit with the Lord and ask, “What is the so much more You are trying to show me?” He directed me to the behavior of humility—what do we see and hear from a person operating in humility?

Here are a few ways to express humility during your Christ led pilgrimage. 

Humility Takes Responsibility. 

Owning the effect of our words and action is a huge way to show humility. No victim mentality is allowed here. Understanding that we alone are responsible for what we say and how we choose to act is key to living a life of so much more humility.

There is no room for blame-shifting, rationalization, justification, or self-pity in a life focused on humility. 

Humility says, “I’m sorry.” 

Owning what comes out of your mouth—written or spoken— and what actions you take can certainly lead to moments when you realize you made a mistake. True apologies are sign posts for a life of humility. Show me someone who doesn’t apologize and I’ll show you someone operating in pride—the opposite of humility. 

Apologies reflect humility.

Humility does not Strive. 

Zechariah 4:6 says, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” Flexing your muscles to try to make something happen rather than allowing the Lord to set the timetable and bring things to pass shows pride, not humility. 

Humility submits the vision and the big audacious dream to God’s schedule and follows His direction one step at a time. 

Humility is not False.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself. Humility honestly acknowledges and celebrates who God created you to be which glorifies God. A simple “Thank you” when you are complimented honors the person who has given the compliment to you. Brushing it off does not honor the giver nor does it honor the One who has given you the gifts and talents you possess.

Humility recognizes who God created you to be.

Humility is Thinking of Yourself Less. 

Humility opens the way for possibility as we get out of our own way and allow God to work through us. Humility opens the door to opportunity as we think of ourself less and allow others to do what they were created to do. 

Humility recognizes who God created others to be. 

Humility Recognizes that God is God and You are Not. 

Submitting your dream and your day to the Lord is an act of humility that will usher in better relationships, fulfilled dreams and visions. It will open doors of possibility and opportunity. It will draw you closer to the Lord because you eyes will see more clearly all that He does on your behalf. 

Who wouldn’t want benefits like better relationships, fulfilled dreams, open doors and a closer walk with the Lord? Let us each commit to laying aside pride as we think of ourselves less and “walk humbly with our God.”

Amen and Amen!

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