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It delights me to tell you that the amazing book of liturgies, Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey is now available as an app. I downloaded mine without any trouble from the Apple App Store.

I am excited to tell you that the free version has a Daily Liturgy Quote on the home page and offers several liturgies in a variety of categories: Liturgies of the HOURS, Liturgies of CREATION & RECREATION (A Liturgy for the Planting of Flowers), Liturgies of LABOR & VOCATION, and so much more.

No, the free version is not the complete book, but you can access the full book in the app for a purchase price of $19.99. I think this is a bargain in order to have all of the amazing prayers from this book available on my devices. Plus, since I travel quite a bit, I am thrilled that I have one less thing to pack.

Thank you Rabbit Room (the publisher), for bringing McKelvey’s beautiful words and prayers to my fingertips wherever I am.

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