Jim Gamble: The Man Behind the Music

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I often contend that art is not “made up” it is “taken down”. What that means is that art that connects to the heart comes to the artist as they ponder or create. As Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” I would suggest that melodies and lyrics are in the atmosphere waiting to be set free, just like Michelangelo’s angel was in the marble. That is definitely the approach that singer songwriter Jim Gamble takes with his music. 

If you have read Created For So Much More, you have read Jim’s lyrics to the song, “Wendy’s Kitchen” on page 85. If you have watched any of the Created For So Much More videos, you have heard Jim’s original melody of the same song. The first time Jim played Wendy’s Kitchen for me, I knew the lyrics needed to be included in the book. It creates a beautiful picture of someone holding on to their God-breathed dream until it comes true. Years later, when I heard and saw Jim’s YouTube video of Wendy’s Kitchen, I knew it was the melody God wanted played in the videos. 

Jim wrote his first song at the age of 20. It was not until he was in his thirties that he began what I will call the Michelangelo approach to songwriting. As Jim says, “In my thirties I believe I began to receive songs. Since then, most of my songs have come from sitting by myself playing guitar or piano, and describing the pictures I see in my mind and spirit as I play.”

About the song, Wendy’s Kitchen,* Jim writes, “Wendy’s Kitchen was received literally in Wendy’s kitchen while I was playing my guitar and having coffee with my granddaughters, Wendy’s daughters. It was the first song I received after returning to Iowa after meeting Deborah and Rick at Deborah’s Prophetically Speaking Conference.”

As Jim shares, “I was always a “lyrics freak”. I wanted to know the story of the song.” He would sit for hours and replay albums to understand every word sung. That was particularly challenging in the years before lyrics were so readily available to the listener. It speaks to His God-driven love and study of words. 

If you listen to any of Jim’s music—check it out at www.jimgamblestoryteller.com—you will know that the term storyteller is a perfect description for Jim’s music and the call on his life. He loves to sing stories of “God’s incredible love for people—especially people that the “church” has trouble loving.”

Jim and his wife Barb are valuable members of my intercessory team. His love of words includes the study of God’s Word, the context and original language and meaning. As a part of the monthly Soaring Into So Much More gatherings, Jim often brings added depth with his knowledge of words and Scripture.

Considering his love of background and language, it is no surprise that when he gave me his favorite verse, it came with an explanation, 

Matthew 4: 17 “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”

Jim adds, “In context this really means, “What is going on in the practice of your religion is not what goes on where God is King. You need to reconsider.”

Jim’s words to live by:

Where God is King people are loved, healed, protected, nourished, and our self-destructive dysfunctions are challenged. 

God cherishes us too much to leave us wounded and stranded so He wraps his arms around us and says, “Welcome Home!”

Jim is truly a storyteller worth following. I am eternally grateful that the Lord brought Jim and Barb to that conference in 2014! 

*Watch and Listen to Wendy’s Kitchen and other songs on Jim’s You Tube Channel Here

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