From the Easel: Garden’s Light

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Imagine a sunny day, as you walk through the prarie. Suddenly you come over a rise and spot a patch of wildflowers. You discover multicolored blossoms blending with long grasses under the golden light of the sun. As harmonious as the total picture is, in the clear light of day you are able to spot individual flowers in pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows.

That is the image that was in my mind when I painted Garden’s LIght. It is somewhat abstract and a little impressionistic in style and design. Two characteristics of impressionisms are the use of light and shadow and blending warm and cool hues in a harmonious way. Both of those characteristics are evident in this painting. 

Created in my signature layer upon layer technique, Garden’s Lght was created entirely with palette knives. Generally I start the process with larger knives and then as I add more and more detail, I gradually move to smaller knives. 

The reason I selected this painting to represent chapter/lesson five—Created For So Much More Certainty: Confirming Your Flight—is that when we wait for the Lord to confirm His words of direction and instruction, we position ourselves to see details that can only be seen in the bright light of day. 

Garden’s Light 


Acrylic on Canvas

36” x 18”


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