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Created For So Much More 2014

Be all that you were created to be!

You were created for so much more! God created you to change the world right where you live. “Created For So Much More”: Soaring with God is now available. All of the life-changing material and exercises that you have come to expect from the conferences in one book!

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Live Prophetically 2015

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Deborah Gall

As an author, painter, speaker, and minister, Deborah Gall is devoted to seeing others set free to soar with God into the so much more that He has for them.

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painting during worship

Painting during corporate worship

Art that Inspires

Art that is created from a place of worship can serve as a gateway to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All of Deborah’s paintings come from a place of encountering God, whether created during public worship or private time in her studio.

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"Arising" painting

“Arising” painted during worship, 2015

Abide Studio and Deborah Gall

Abide Studio is dedicated to helping others find their way to the so much more of God and all that He has for them. You will find Deborah’s message permeates all that you see and hear on this site. Whether it is paintings that are created in the Presence of God, a written word of encouragement, or spoken teaching,¬†Deborah is all about God’s divine power releasing His kids into their identity and destiny.

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