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Grab even more insight into who God created you to be and what He created you to do. These videos and resources offer more teaching, background, and so much more as Deborah shares her heart and passion beyond the book Created For So Much More.

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Chapter Videos

Created For So Much More PURPOSE: Affecting Change

Created For So Much More FREEDOM: Inspecting Your Instruments

Soar into so much more freedom today!

Created For So Much More CLARITY:

Clearing Out The Chatter

Clear out the chatter that interferes with hearing from the Lord.

Created For So Much More INTIMACY: Hearing Air Traffic Control

How do you hear from God? Relationship, faith, and so much more…

Created For So Much More CERTAINTY: Confirming Your Flight

Hearing from God requires confirmation. Learn how He confirms His word.

Created For So Much More IDENTITY: Completing Your Passport

Soar with God into to bear fruit and complete your Heavenly passport.

Created For So Much More VISION:

Designing Your Flight Plan

Soar into God’s purpose, plan, and promises for your amazing future.