You are a God Carrier

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You, as a part of God’s army, were created for so much more! You were created to take the land right where you live—during your lifetime. You were created to change the world—through whatever you do. You have spheres of influence, lives that you alone touch, and people you singularly come in contact with on a regular basis. Each time you interact with your world, you have the opportunity to affect it. You are a child of the Most High God. You were created to inspire, to lead, and to influence, You were created to bring His Presence into your world. You were created to change atmospheres and change the world as only you can.

You are a God-carrier. As you realize and embrace the so much more of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, They become so much more a part of you. Their Presence is noticeable in your countenance. Their perspective becomes obvious in your mind, body, and spirit with the so much more of God. As you breathe in the Breath of Life that comes from Heaven, you become all that the Lord has for you to be and do.

Don’t feel much like a God Carrier? Sit at the Lord’s feet, read His Word, let Him fill you with His Spirit. Start today with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9–13) and The 23rd Psalm (Psalm 23:1–6). You will be amazed how powerful those two passages of Scripture are.

What are your go-to scriptures when you need an extra dose of the Lord’s Presence?

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