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When God Shows Up…

When God shows up my advice is to listen and get out of the way.

I am in recovery mode after facilitating Holy Spirit for a painting workshop, a two day conference, and Sunday worship. God showed up.

Thankfully I went into the weekend ready for pivots and they were needed. Flexibility is key when you ask God to visit your event and your life.

He brought unexpected testimonies, community, and worship opportunities during our time together.

I would suggest that the more prepared you are for the events in your life, the more flexible you can be. You don’t have to be a conference planner or speaker to appreciate and utilize the flexibility to get out of the way and let God handle the situation.

Prepare “as if” and then keep your palm open so that God can rearrange and add to all that you have prepared.

You are prepared and so is He. He prepares a banquet table before you. There are dishes on that table you might not be expecting to taste.

Taste them and see that the Lord is better than good.

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