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One of my most often played albums of late continues to be Lauren Daigle’s Look Up. Honestly there was a day last year when I listened to it on my walk and felt the Lord speak through every song. Here are just three. 

The song Still Rolling Stones was pivotal to me in April of 2020. The Lord used the lyrics to convince me that He was not done with my ministry and it was time to get back to work. 

I thought it was over 

An answer to prayer

 The voice of a Savior

 “Rise Up.” 

The words from Your Wings have been a constant encouragement to me through the pandemic as I stepped into new things. 

With every step that I take

Your are before and behind me

In every fear that I face

I’m constantly finding

You’re my covering

I’m safe I’m safe

Whatever comes at me

I’m safe I’m safe. 

The song Everything has held me up through this year of uncertainty and growth. 

When I can’t see, You lead me

When I can’t hear, You show me

When I can’t stand, You carry me

When I’m lost, You will find me

When I’m weak, You are mighty

You are everything I need. 

I encourage you to listen to this album with an ear to hear what the Lord is speaking to you through the music and lyrics. As I say in Created For So Much More, the world is the Lord’s and He will use whatever He needs to speak to His children. 

What music are you listening to these days?

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