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Halftime: Positioned to Win

  • Deborah 

One of the things coaches consider during halftime is whether they have the right players in the right position to bring home the win. Think about God as your life coach as we approach the halftime of the year. 

As you consider the last six months and think about the next six months, I want you to ask yourself and Holy Spirit if you are positioned to win. 

A highlight of the recent Visio Divina conference for me was painting during worship Sunday morning. The fact is I had not been asked to paint during worship before the conference. I was in a position to be asked to do so when the original artist couldn’t do it, because I had said “Yes” to serving by facilitating the “Painting as Worship” workshop the day before. In other words, I was in the right position at the right time. 

Positioning might look like making sure decision makers know what you do. 

Positioning might look like intentionally building a relationship with a person, not to get anything from them, but to serve. Ask someone “How can I help?”  You will opens doors to serve God with your talents and gifts. 

Positioning might look like volunteering at a ministry that’s vision aligns with the vision you carry. 

Positioning might look like taking a class to hone your skill. 

Positioning is NOT promoting. It is putting yourself in the right place and time that allows God to promote you. 

Proverbs 18:16 say,

A man’s gift makes room for him

And brings him before great men.  Proverbs 18:16

God wants to “bring you before great men.” Ask Him if you need to adjust your position in order for Him to do just that. 

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