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Get Back to the Fundamentals

  • Deborah 

There are times when coaches tell their team to get back to the fundamentals of the game. It includes things like ball handling, footwork, tackling, running, and so much more. At this half way point in the year, it is a good time to take a look at the fundamentals of a life pursuing your God-given identity and purpose. 

Fundamentals are foundational to sports and to your life. Take a look at the past six months and ask yourself if any of your foundational habits and practices need to be strengthened. Do you need to expand your foundation? 

Foundational habits stand the test of time.

Take a look at yours. Ask your self these questions:

What relationships need to tended or developed?

What structure needs to be put into place? 

Do you need/want a social media presence?

Do you need/want a website?

Do you have a team of intercessors in place? 

Do you need to give yourself a work schedule to get the work done?

Do you need to give yourself a deadline in order to complete the work that needs to be done?

Would you benefit from a support group of peers/colleagues? 

What daily spiritual practices do you have in place that might need to be strengthened for the so much more that the Lord has for you? 

Before you step into the second half of the year, make sure your foundation is solidly built.

Take the time to create a plan from these questions. 

Do not try to do or change everything at once. Pick one or two. Implement them. When they are solidly established, then move on to the next one or two. 

Eventually you will have a strong foundation able to support the big audacious vision the Lord has for you.

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