When God Reminds You…

I have recently moved my studio from a retail space to my home.  In doing so I have sifted files and paperwork and came across a file of testimonies that I have saved.  This is a blog post written in early 2008.  It is a great post as well as a current testimony of what the Lord does through art and Abide Studio Ministry.  In 2012, this same woman came into town, but because of physical injuries due to a car accident, she was unable to visit the studio with her friend (one who had been there originally).  The Lord whispered, “Send the painting to her.  I always intended for her to have it.”  So I did and the author of this post is now the owner of the painting she describes below. 

“Being Spiritual”

“Can you BE spiritual or ARE you spiritual?  I started out today with the full intention of going on a trip to Tennessee with the girls.  We were heading to Abide Studio in Tennessee right outside of Nashville.  The artist that owns Abide Studio is a powerful woman of God who always seems to have her pulse on the heartbeat of God.

I have met her a few times and always wanted to go to her studio, but the timing never was right.  This particular trip was not planned for me.  It was a spur of the moment trip and I just decided to tag along.  Work had been crazy lately and even though it was not a good time to take off I decided to go anyway.  The only problem was I didn’t want to “be spiritual”.  I know that may sound odd, but have you ever been around a group of Christ followers who were just upbeat and excited for God.  Multiply that by 100 and now you’re talking about these women.  I wanted to go, but I just wanted to chill and enjoy the trip.  I jokingly said I would like to go, but not for any “spiritual” reason.  They sort of laughed at me and off we went.

The ride down had the most beautiful clouds.  The entire drive was just kind of quiet and calming.  After a 5+ hour drive, we arrive and the closer we get to the studio, I can tell the other ladies are excited about what God had in store.  I was feeling a little anxious because I had felt nothing “spiritual” all the way down.  We arrive at the art studio and I start to casually look at the art work.  The paintings are beautiful and I’m just walking around.  Sure enough, the owner of the studio has a word for one of the woman I’m with and again I am feeling NOTHING.  I end up in a back room and up against the wall on the floor are the 3 or 4 paintings.  I moved them aside and saw the most intriguing painting.  The painting was entitled  “Holy! Holy! Holy!”.

Holy! Holy! HOly!

As I stared at the painting it was as if I could see myself outside of my body.  It felt like I was looking at a painting of me and how I sometimes sense that there are angels around me when I’m on my knees in worship. This painting had an angel just like the angel in Isaiah chapter 6.  It had six wings; two wings covered his face, two wings covered his feet and with the other two wings he flew.  As I stared at the painting tears began to roll.  You see, when I am in His temple the only thing I can say is Holy, Holy, Holy.  I began to remember a time when I laid at His feet and asked for God to forgive me and to completely remove all the junk in my life.  It was during that cleansing time, that I was given the most precious outpouring about the Old Testament Tabernacle.

Sometimes your physical man becomes beat down with the cares of this world.  You know you’re not where you need to be but you just don’t seem to know if God sees you or cares any more.  That’s where I had found myself today until God showed up.  It wasn’t long before the owner of the studio spoke life into me and my spontaneous trip with the girls turned into some soul searching, rivers of tears, healing rain….”spiritual” time.

If you’re in a place where it seems like God has promised so much yet time has passed and you wonder if it will ever happen, remember that God is still on His throne.  His ways are above our ways.  His thoughts are above our thoughts.  He is able to do abundantly above all we could ever ask or think. He has you in the palm of His hand  He knows your name and in His timing, you will see every one of His promises come to pass…even those unspoken promises.

After this trip I am reminded again that God does not require us to BE spiritual.  God created each of us and we ARE spiritual bodies.  We just need to walk with Him and enjoy the journey!”

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