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I always encourage you to  dream big audacious dreams. The problem with  big dreams is that they can easily lead to overwhelm. Doing the next right thing is the only way to move forward toward your dream. Taking one step at a time is how you dream big and work small. 

Proverbs 16:9 says, 

The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

The questions become, how can you co-labor with the Lord to take the step He is directing? How do you stay on task and even remember all that He is asking you to do? How can you partner with someone in order to accomplish your God-Goven assignment? 

I have found an app that makes project management so much easier than managing multiple to do  lists. With Asana you can design several different projects at the same time. You list the steps you need to take to accomplish that project. Every time you assign a step, you give it a deadline. Easy. 

One benefit of having this project management system is that it colates your assigned tasks from  multiple projects into one list that you can organize by due dates. On workday mornings I receive an email listing the steps to my big audacious dream that I have assigned to myself for that day. 

I may be facing a multi-faceted day when I need to complete a blog post, host a group, and have a meeting with my publisher. Each of those tasks originated from a different “project”—or cloud formation for those who are familiar with Created For So Much More—but the are all assembled into one to do list.  One list enables me to assign time to each item in my day planner. 

I arrive at the end of my day confident that I have taken the steps the Lord has directed in order to accomplish His big audacious dream. 

There are several project management systems out there that may work for you. I suggest you try one out. I recommend Asana because it was recommended to me and is the one I use. I use the FREE version. It is robust enough for all I need.

Check it out here:

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