On Wings of Eagles

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“Without Effort”

Several years ago I left the house for my walk, needing a change of scenery and mood. It had been a morning full of frustration and discouragement. I arrived at my usual track and spotted a hawk taking off from the trees. “Stop and watch” I heard the Lord whisper. “I have something to show you.”. Hawks have always been a confirming sign of God’s Presence for me, but this was new. I stopped. 

I stopped and I watched as the hawk took flight, using his wings to gain altitude. 

Then it happened. 

That hawk stopped flapping his wings and started gliding on the wind currents. 

Isaiah 40:31 comes to mind when I remember that morning. 

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary,” 

That day years ago, I saw in the natural what the Lord was speaking through Isaiah in the supernatural. I watched the hawk soar higher and farther with hardly any effort. He GLIDED to higher heights. He climbed on the current of the wind so far that it took him out of my sight. He didn’t get tired. He didn’t become weary. He soared as he “waited” for the current to take him to new places. 

To this day, my spirit embraces the truth the Lord offers through the prophet Isaiah and that soaring hawk. When we wait for the Lord, when we wait for God’s wind to carry us, His timing to move us, His current to transport us, we have the ability to soar higher and farther without expending the energy it takes to get there in our own strength. 

To this day, that memory reminds me that I didn’t have to battle frustration or discouragement. Jesus already won that battle on my behalf. I need to rest in the victory procured for me on the cross. I can use the wind of Christ’s death and resurrection to lift me higher as I glide and soar with God. 

“Take me higher and further Lord” has become my prayer. “Give me the ability to soar without effort.”

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