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How to Hear When God Seems Silent

"Landscape of a Prayer"  30x24 symbolizes some of the different ways we think and God speaks.

“Indeed God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices {perceives} it.  In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.”  Job 33:13-15

When God seems silent He may be speaking to you in a new language and stretching your “ear” to hear.  God is Spirit.  He speaks in spirit language.

  • Perception and Impression are legitimate languages for the Lord.
  • God speaks through Art and Nature.  Whether music from instruments or crashing waves, through a novel or the watching a bird build a nest, through the movement of dance or the dance of the wind through the trees, through a beautifully painted masterpiece or God’s masterpiece in a sunset, God speaks to the hearts of men and women.
  • The Voices of Others often carry wisdom from heaven.
  • Sometimes we hear in Streams of Thought like a flowing river. Quietly moving from one thought to another until we reach a new conclusion or decision.
  • Other times we receive a whoosh of Revelation like standing in the midst of a water fall.  A suddenly thought.  Like scales dropped from our eyes we see things differently.
  • Logical Deductive Reasoning is God working through the left side of the brain, taking us step by step through a process. This is known as “hard thinking”.   God speaks left brain language to left brain thinkers.
  • “Soft thinking” on the other hand is that which flows outside the box of logical thinking.  Pondering, Meditating, Musing like walking through a series of rolling hills are great examples of soft thinking.  God speaks in right brain language to right brain thinkers.

God’s language for you in this moment in history is as unique as the person He created you to be at the time in which you live.  Know that He stands at the door and knocks (Revelation 3:20)  His knock is different on different days and in different circumstances.    Opening your heart to Him will open your “ears” to hear.  You will be amazed at the ways the Lord will encourage and love on you.  Hallelujah!

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