From the Easel: Holy Habitation

Why would I choose a painting called Holy Habitation to represent Created For So Much More INTIMACY? It is because this painting represents Heaven coming to Earth. The Lord longs to build relationship with His children. He will thin and cross the veil between Heaven and Earth in order to relate and speak to us. 

Encountering God  is a supernatural—or other worldly—experience which is why this painting has an ethereal look to it. The use of the palette of warm reds, violets, rusts, golds, yellows, and beige depict the majestic nature of feeling God’s Presence. The use of brilliant white represent those moments of supernatural connection with the God who created the universe— including you and me. 

Like all of my work, this piece is created layer upon layer. I used palette knives exclusively for this particular painting. The first layer of acrylic is mixed with a clear gel medium that creates a beautiful transparency to any paint. I made use of that transparent effect with the sky as I  kept the layer thin in order to allow the white of the canvas to shine through the painted layer. 

To create this I used flat knife technique for the swirling sky, sharp edge pulling for the buildings, and vertical application for the foreground. 

Details, highlights, and lowlights, are added as I go over each section multiple times to achieve the finished painting. The final layer I apply on any of my paintings is that which adds my signature metallic highlights. 

Holy Habitation 


Acrylic on Canvas

48” x 48” 

Artist’s Collection

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