From the Easel: “Formed”

Formed 24″ x 24″

I am in process of putting the finishing touches on my upcoming book, A Guided Journal to Soaring With God. I am so excited to share it with you! Publishing date has yet to be determined, but it will be sometime this summer. 

The journal brings all of the main points, highlights, and ah-ha moments of Created For So Much More as well as well, so much more! The journal uses the paintings that I include in each of the chapter videos as title pages for each lesson. I am going to take the next several weeks to share the paintings included in both the videos and the journal. Each piece has its own unique story which I will share as well as the reason I selected that specific painting for each particular chapter. 

We begin with “Formed” and Chapter One: Created For So Much More PURPOSE: Affecting Change. 

When I thought of this chapter’s main point—that you were formed in your mother’s womb for God’s purpose—I couldn’t help but be drawn to my painting named “Formed.” This painting was a part of the collection of abstract work done in the what I called my encaustic style. Encaustic is also called hot wax painting. Although I loved the style, I didn’t want to make the investment of time, money or mess  that encaustic required. So I proceeded to develop a layering technique using acrylic paints and various acrylic mediums to emulate the soft lines that I enjoy in encaustic paintings. 

The first layer of paint is dripped over a textured canvas allowing the colors to blend and new shapes to emerge. The beauty of this technique is it allows the Lord to create right along side of me as the paint moves down the canvas. After the paint drys, I apply layer of gloss gel medium. While that dries, I take time to sit with the painting and Holy Spirit. As I study and ponder, He shows me things I had no idea I was creating. 

In this painting, I see a person worshiping the Lord with hands extended to Heaven. Can you see it? He’s in the lower left quadrant. That is exactly the part of the painting featured in the journal. 

Although this technique relies on “accidental” creating, God did not create you by accident. You were formed on purpose with a purpose. We all share one purpose—to advance God’s Kingdom here on earth.

You were no accident! You were formed on purpose with just the perfect mix of talent, gifts, and personality to fulfill that purpose. 

That Dear One, is the point of the book, Created For So Much More. If you haven’t read it, I invite you to purchase your copy and start your adventure of discovering so much more about God and about yourself. 

“Formed” is 24 x 24 and is available for purchase. Contact me for details. 

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