Best Business Practices: Be Great

Whatever work you engage in, strive for greatness.

If you want better clients, be great.

Good work, or work that fits the norm, the status quo, that is “good enough” will draw those clients that are also satisfied with okay, “good enough” work. As Seth Godin says in his book The Practice, “Better clients are demanding. They demand more rigorous deadlines, but they also pay more. The demand extraordinary work, but they’re more respectful. And they demand work they can proudly share with others.” 

You earn better clients by demanding more of yourself. By setting deadlines and sticking to them. By openly communicating with your clients. By working with contracts that clearly spell out what is expected from them and what they can expect from you. 

Do not be afraid to edit your skills, rewrite your script, or do the work to improve your area of expertise. In this world of computer technology, educational resources are just a click away. Perhaps it is time for one-on-one training, coaching, or mentoring. Do not grow complacent. Practice. Rehearse. Write and rewrite. Take what is good and work to make it great. 

Whether you are creating a physical product like I do when I am commissioned for a painting, or you offer a service like speaking, coaching, web design, graphic design, photography, etc., you alone are in charge of the standard of excellence you bring to your business practice. 

Mushy deadlines, foggy communication, staying opaque about your work can lead to frustrated and dissatisfied clients, not better clients. Improve your business practices as well as your technical skills and you will earn better clients.

The work can be lonely and difficult. The more you do it, the better you become. The more you practice great habits, the more embedded they become in your business practice. 

You will earn better clients. 

Don’t settle for good. Work to be great!

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