What’s Your P.O.V.?

I love to watch shows like Food Network Star or Design Star.  It”s not the competition that delights me.  It is watching talented individuals face the challenges of fitting their own style and voice into whatever the assignment is.  Whether it is a tasty morsel for a pool party for 100 or the white room challenge, the requirement is to fit the parameters of the assignment while promoting a unique point of view to judges and audience alike.

Abiding Presence 60"x40"

Abiding Presence 60″x40″

P.O.V. = Point Of View.  As artists we use the term “artistic voice”.  As marketers we ask “What sets you apart from the crowd?”  As the body of Christ we ask “What is my calling?  Where do I fit in the Kingdom of God?”  These can be tough questions.

Even if you know your gifts and talents…what do you do with them? I would suggest this.  Wait with the Lord until He whispers.   We long for big audacious dreams and visions.  The Lord says “Wait“.  We want to run ahead.  The Lover of your soul says, “Sit with Me awhile.”  In the storms of life we shout “What am I to do Jesus?”  The One who knows the end from the beginning speaks in a still small voice that cannot be heard over the tempest of our own shouting.

Let’s face it.  Our God is counter intuitive to our way of life.  It is not in the doing of life that we hear the answers to our questions “Who did you create me to be?” “What did you create me to do?” It is in the being with the One who created us.  There, sitting at His feet in the quietness of the moment, He begins to whisper and show us who we are in Him.  What He was thinking when He formed us in our mother’s wombs. {Psalm 139:13}  How He defines His plans for a future and a hope for us. {Jeremiah 29:11}.  What land He has already given us {Joshua 1:3}.

Jesus says, “Abide in Me, and I in you.  As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.”  {John 15: 4} Abiding takes time away from doing.  Time not easily found in our microwave, get it done quickly way of life. Yet, it is what Jesus asks of us.  He knows that abiding with Him and in Him will shift our P.O.V..  Abiding causes us to celebrate the Creator rather than focus on ourselves, the creation.

From that place of abiding, as we lean in and listen to His heartbeat, we realize who He created us to be. There in that place of abiding, He pours out His empowering Presence which enables us to be who He created us to be and to do what He created us to do.  There in that place of abiding our P.O.V. comes from His perspective.  Our P.O.V. becomes His P.O.V..

That’s the counter intuitive way of God.  We take time away from working, He works on our behalf. When our perspective meshes with God’s plans and purposes miracles happen.   Abundant fruit manifests and multiplies.  The cool thing?  All of it is born from a place of relationship, from a place of being rather than doing.  Glory to God!